Blepharoplasty, often known as eyelid plastic surgery, is a popular cosmetic operation used to enhance the appearance of the eyelids. Although many people connect eyelid surgery with women, men commonly have this operation. In recent years, male eyelid surgery has increased as more men attempt to improve their appearance.

Reasons for Male Eyelid Plastic Surgery

There are numerous reasons why guys may opt for eyelid surgery. A typical reason is to fix droopy or sagging eyelids, which can cause a person to appear tired or older than they are. Another motive for eyelid surgery is to remove extra fat or skin, which can give a more youthful and alert appearance. Some men elect to have eyelid surgery to correct eyesight issues brought on by drooping eyelids.

Consultation and Evaluation

Patients must schedule a consultation with a certified and experienced plastic surgeon before getting eyelid surgery. During the consultation, the surgeon will analyze the patient’s eyelids and discuss the patient’s surgical goals and expectations. The surgeon will also review the patient’s medical history and any drugs they are currently taking to evaluate if the patient is a good candidate for the treatment.

During the evaluation, the surgeon will determine the amount of extra skin, muscle, and fat on the patient’s eyelids. In addition, the state of the patient’s skin and the position of the eyebrows will be evaluated to see if additional treatments, such as a brow lift, are necessary to obtain the desired results.

male eyelid plastic surgery

The Procedure

Eyelid surgery for men typically lasts between one and two hours and is conducted under local anesthesia. The surgeon will make small incisions along the eyelids’ natural creases to reduce scarring. As necessary, they will next remove extra fat, skin, and muscle tissue to create a more youthful and revitalized appearance. The incisions are then sutured or sealed with surgical adhesive.


After surgery, patients can anticipate a one- to two-week recuperation period. During this period, they may have swelling, bruising, and discomfort around the eyes. For the first 48 hours after surgery, patients can apply cold compresses or ice packs to the afflicted area to alleviate these symptoms. Moreover, the surgeon may give analgesics or antibiotics to limit the risk of infection.

Risks and Complications

Eyelid surgery carries the same risks and problems as any other surgical procedure. These complications may include infection, bleeding, scarring, and temporary or permanent visual impairments. However, when a trained and experienced surgeon performs the treatment, the chance of significant consequences is relatively minimal.

Cost and Financing

Male eyelid surgery costs can vary according to the extent of the procedure, the surgeon’s fees, and other considerations such as location and the degree of surgical difficulty. On average, eyelid surgery might cost between $2,000 and $5,000. However, it is vital to remember that this cost may include something other than anesthesia, facility fees, or follow-up consultations.

Individuals should contact their insurance provider to determine whether or not their plan covers the operation. In some instances, eyelid surgery may be covered by insurance if deemed medically necessary, such as when the eyelids obstruct eyesight. But, if the operation is just anesthesia, insurance may not pay for it.

Several plastic surgeons provide financing solutions to help individuals who do not have health insurance cover the expense of surgery.

Results and Long-Term Outlook

The effects of eyelid surgery on men usually are permanent, although aging may eventually cause the eyelids to droop again. Patients can preserve their benefits by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, avoiding smoking and excessive sun exposure, and caring for their skin.

Patients must have reasonable expectations for the result of surgery and convey their goals and concerns to the surgeon. With good planning and communication, patients can achieve natural-looking results that enhance their looks and confidence.

Choosing a Qualified Plastic Surgeon

Finding a board-certified, competent, and well-respected plastic surgeon for male eyelid surgery is essential. Patients should also seek a surgeon who takes the time to listen to their concerns and answer their questions and who is prepared to collaborate with them to accomplish their desired outcomes.

Patients can conduct internet research on potential surgeons and read patient testimonials. They can also schedule a consultation with the surgeon to discuss their goals and concerns. Patients can feel secure in their decision to undergo male eyelid surgery by selecting a trained and experienced specialist.

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