Breast Revision

Even with the best initial results from a breast augmentation, time and the body can conspire to cause problems. Maybe the implants you got in your twenties no longer suit you in your thirties or forties, or you want to switch from saline to silicone. Maybe there is an issue with the implant, such as capsular contracture, or the results from a less-than-professional breast augmentation need to be resolved. Whatever the problem, breast revision surgery can solve it.

What can breast revision surgery do for me?

Breast revision surgery is a customized procedure to resolve a wide range of problems from a primary surgery, including:

Step one: Meet with Dr. Helen Allison about breast revision surgery.

During your initial consultation for a breast revision, Dr. Helen Allison will perform a thorough physical exam to assess the problems you have, along with the condition of your breast tissue and degree of skin laxity, and discuss what you want to achieve in revision surgery. She will also review your original surgical reports when possible. Through the examination, case review, and discussion with you, she will develop the treatment plan to deliver the results you envision.