Breast Implant Removal

Some breast implant patients develop symptoms such as fatigue, brain fog, joint pain, hair loss, swollen glands, and IBS that cannot be explained from a medical standpoint. Dr. Helen Allison believes that it is important to listen to each patient to develop a plan for their care. Many patients are experiencing symptoms that cause them to request breast implant removal surgery in Tampa, FL

What does a Breast Implant Removal Entail?

Breast implant removal surgery involves the removal of both the capsule and the implant in their entirety. Dr. Helen Allison believes strongly that it’s her duty and privilege to take care of her patients in whatever way possible. Part of this is trying to understand the underlying “why” behind unexplained symptoms. Dr. Helen Allison can and does perform en bloc capsulectomy for her breast cancer and breast augmentation patients requiring or requesting breast implant removal. In breast cancer, the patient will be provided the option of reconstruction with their own tissue using the DIEP free flap.

Breast Implant Removal Surgery entails the following: