Body Sculpting

Body Contouring

Body contouring is no longer a simple procedure. Liposuction is not just merely sucking out fat and throwing it away. Patients have amazing options in body sculpting – both surgical and nonsurgical. Dr. Helen Allison, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Tampa, is extremely experienced in the latest technology to help patients make the best decisions.

Tummy Tuck

A bulging tummy is a source of angst for many, many people. Your diet and exercise, but still, you have a pouch where your stomach was once flat and athletic –

Brazilian Butt Lift

Thanks to celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez, a lovely, plump, rounded derrière has taken center stage.

Fat Transfer

Fat is not your enemy! In fact, fat can be your friend. Fat transfer, or fat grafting, is a procedure in which excess fat is harvested from an unwanted area and replaced somewhere else on your body to create beautiful, soft, natural volume.

Hand Rejuvenation

When it comes to fighting the early signs of aging, most of us focus on our faces. It’s what we see every day in the mirror – but we may forget that our hands can give away our age.


Nothing is more frustrating than eating right and working out regularly and still being left with unwanted lumps and bumps or fatty areas that won’t reduce.

Mommy Makeover

Let’s be honest; pregnancy takes a toll on a woman’s body. This is especially true for women who’ve had multiple children or twins

Arm Lift

The arms can be a problem area for both men and women, and we live in a culture more body-conscious than ever. Flabby upper arms, with excess skin, fat, and tissue, can affect an otherwise beautiful figure.